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Yanagisawa Alto Saxophone-AW010
The New AW010 range really does have some major modifications while retaining the classic Yanagisawa sound & feel that have made them so popular.??
In summary this new Yanagisawa AW010 range offers a depth and full range of tonal colours, this is due in part to the moderate resistance that is present compared to the AW01 series, the extra ribs and plates that run down the body help attach the key posts with more support and strength to the resonating body tube.

Ҥ 125,000 ҤҾ xx,xxx
-  Key of Eb

-  Body Material: Lacquered Brass. Warrants the saxophone with
superior response, intonation, and projection, on top of its exclusive
quality and durability.

-  Finish: Lacquered Brass. This finishing provides a combined quality
of long-lasting durability and lustrous elegance at all times, and is
known to create a darker sound than those with non-lacquer finish.

-  Key Material: "Indented" White Shell Keys. A player's fingers will
rest comfortably in the indented white shell keys. The white shells
also enhance the beauty of the instrument while also preventing the
player's fingers from slipping during technical passages.

-  Key Buttons: Teflon Octave System. Both ends of the octave key
axis rotate in a receptacle that is coated with Teflon to ensure a
smooth operation every time.

-  Auxiliary Keys: High F#

-  Bell Decoration: Hand Engraved. Hand made in Japan. Give a
classic style.

-  Pad Type: Air-tight Waterproof Pad. The pads are completely air-
tight which supports stability in playing and their life is extended
thanks to being waterproof.

-  Pivot Screws: Pointed Pivot Screw. The pivot screws that are used
have a pointed end which facilitates an accurate center and precise

-  Spring Type: Blue Steel Springs. Blue steel springs give the player
quick response and are much more resilient than stainless steel (they
also last much longer).

-  Thumb Rest: Metal Thumb Rests. Both thumb rests on the
saxophone are metal to match with the style of the saxophone and the
right hand thumb hook is adjustable so that the performer can
customize the feel of their saxophone.

-  Tone Holes: Drawn. Drawn tone holes enable less effort in sound
production & carrying of the instrument compared to those with
soldered tone hole rings that require extra metal and generate
resistance in sound creation.

-  Mounting: Ribbed. This feature is typically offered on premium
models and aids in reinforcing the strength of the body of the

-  Other Features: > Improved Table Keys, Double Arm Low B and C

-  Included Accessories: Deluxe Case & Mouthpiece. Comes with
woodshell case with quality ebonite mouthpiece.??