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Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS-875

Designed with the help of major saxophone players, the YAS-875 custom alto saxophone can be found on stages across the world.
Tilting style low Bb spatula keys
The position, height, angle and shape of the left-hand pinky keys have all been carefully redesigned to provide extraordinary comfort and quick response.
Adjustable thumb rest
All Yamaha saxophones feature an adjustable thumb rest to allow for precise and comfortable hand and fingering position.
Refined key shape and dimension
Yamaha saxophone keys are not simply shaped and positioned according to mechanical necessity. The entire system is designed from the players perspective, with emphasis on comfort, speed, and overall playability. The natural feel of the keys eliminates the need to adapt to an unnatural or uncomfortable key layout.
Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS-875
Front F mechanism
A unique front F mechanism design
allows independent adjustment of the
high F tone hole pad opening to
ideally match the players preference
and playing style.
High F# key
Allows for easier playability in the
extended range high harmonics.
Mother-of-pearl key buttons
Comfortable and high-quality
Gold lacquer finish
Attractive and durable
One piece post-on-rib
Greater strength and response
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