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Superlux PRA383XLR Clip-On Microphone with Gooseneck

Superlux  PRA383XLR  Clip-On Microphone with Gooseneck

Brand : Superlux
Model :   PRA383XLR
ѺСѹ :   1
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Superlux PRA-383XLR
Superlux PRA383XLR musical instrument clip-on microphone gooseneck
Superlux PRA383XLR: SAX, stringed instruments, radio instruments gooseneck clip-on microphone.
Dedicated to woodwind, brass, strings and drums TOM TOM, its high sound pressure level, a
small condenser microphone is ideal for live performances. Because of its integrated
gooseneck and clamp fixed design, maintain a fixed income due to the distance, maximum flexibility can feel the beautiful sound.
Super cardioid directional, the sound of high gain before feedback.
Gooseneck with clamp, very easily be relocated to above the orchestra.
Recommended Applications: strings, woodwind, musical instruments, saxophone, percussion.
Technical specifications:
Type: back electret condenser
The original reason: pressure gradient
Point: the super heart-shaped
Frequency response: 40 ~ 18000Hz
Sensitivity:-42dB / V (8mV/Pa)
Nominal Impedance: 200?
Minimum load impedance: 1000?
Equivalent noise level: 23dB
Maximum SPL: 137dB
SNR: 71dB
Dynamic Range: 114dB
Power supply: 9 ~ 52V phantom power supply phantom 48V; battery 1.5V
Current consumption: 3.5mA phantom 2mA; battery 1200 hours
Use a cable: Configuration mini QG (TA3F) interface cable length 1.5M
Color: Black Dimensions ?20X150mm (first paragraph)
Weight: 160 grams (5.64 oz) (excluding accessories)
Product Description
superluck PRA383XLR
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