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Superlux PRA383DXLR Clip-On Microphone with Gooseneck

Superlux  PRA383DXLR  Clip-On Microphone with Gooseneck

Brand : Superlux
Model :   PRA383DXLR
ѺСѹ :   1
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superluck PRA383DXLR
Superlux  PRA383DXLR  Clip-On Microphone with Gooseneck
The PRA383 is ideal for saxophones, woods, eastern and western strings and
percussion because of its high SPL capability and flat response.
Type: Back electret, ?9.7 mm (?0.38')
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Low Frequency Filter: 80 Hz,12 dB/oct (PS418D)
Sensitivity:Phantom Power: -44 dBV/Pa (6.3 mV);Battery: -45 dB/Pa
(5.6 mV)Output Impedance:  200 ?
Output Impedance: Phantom power: 200 ? Battery: 600 ?
Minimun Load Impedance: Phantom power: 1,000 ? Battery: 2,000 ?
S/N Ratio: Phantom power: 72 dB Battery: 73 dB
Equivalent Output Noise: Phantom power: 22 dB Battery: 21dB
Max. SPL: Phantom Power: 139 dB SPL Battery: 129 dB SP
Dynamic Range: Phantom Power: 117 dB Battery: 108 dB
Power Requirements: 12-52V DC, 3.5 mA
Finish: Black
Connector: TA3F, 1.5-meter cable  
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superluck PRA383DXLR
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superluck PRA383DXLR
superluck PRA383DXLR
superluck PRA383DXLR